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Questions from readers – crime against an elderly person

Question: I’m a past board president at Inverness Village Condos. We have a situation where one of our residents hit another resident with his car, backed into her several times. He was charged with attempted murder with a vehicle, a felony, and is currently serving a 30 month sentence. Question of many here is, will he have to move from our community, when he is released, because of a crime against an elderly person, in a 55+ community.

Randy, Inverness, Fla.

Answer: Dear Past Board President, Unfortunately, not likely. Please understand that the various ‘against the elderly’ crimes merely creates a new class of crimes, which essentially elevate the sanctions a person convicted of such a crime could face. For example, a person convicted of aggravated abuse of an elderly person would be charged with a first degree felony instead of the second degree felony of aggravated battery. Aside for the elevated sanctions, there are no additional or special sanctions arising from such a conviction though it is possible some special restitution or requirements may have been worked out in a plea arrangement.


Joe C. Stayanoff, Clayton & McCulloh, Orlando, Fla.

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