Editorial Opportunities

Expert articles, columns, case studies – A 700-1,000 word article written by someone from your company. The topic is taken from your area of expertise relating to something of concern to condominium/HOA management. The nature of the article is educational, not promotional. Have you helped an association overcome a problem? Have you contributed to improving an association so it’s a better place to live? These are the topics of our case studies. Submit several photos detailing your work and an article explaining what you did for the community. We also like the input of the manager and board president on how they worked with the association. You can include their comments in your article. We will need a photo of the author to complete their byline for all articles. You can write as often as you’d like.

Calendar of Events/Press Releases – If you have any classes or events, please share the information with us and we’ll include it in our calendar. Any time your company acquires noteworthy new business, hires or promotes personnel or experiences any newsworthy event, we are happy to accept press releases for possible inclusion on our website. Please include photos.

Please e-mail editor@condomgmt.com for more information.